His Strength in My Weakness

With childhood innocence snatched from her, Dr. Eurita Taylor questioned God. For years, she ran from Him and into the arms of abuse, hunger, and depression. With her personal prodigal son experience, she released the hurt, betrayal, and abandonment to make her way back to the lover of her soul.

His Strength in My Weakness chronicles her journey from wallowing in pity, doubt, and unbelief to reconnecting with Her Father. Showered with grace, mercy, and an abundance of love, she understood that the power to overcome was always in reach.

In this book, you will discover:

  • Why God wants to turn your self-hatred into self-love
  • Strategies to boost your confidence and faith
  • How to shift your perspective to see failures as steps toward success
  • Scriptures, prayers, and inspirations affirming that He is always with you
  • Forgiveness as a tool to bless others and yourself


“5/5 star rating! The story was about how God transformed Dr. Taylor into the virtuous lady she is today. It was so good seeing how God had taken her life’s mess and distress and transformed her into a strong, confident woman here the ‘final chapter of her life (and ours) are still being written. All in all, this was quite a beautiful read of how one life changed for its good after she got on the right path to receive His word. And it is offered to all who believe in His word.” — Arlena Dean, Write Now Literary


“Dr. Eurita’s story is powerful, compelling, and at times, raw. She provides a roadmap which shows that no matter how difficult life can be, you can experience hope, breakthrough, and triumph with God.” — Pastor Michael Kelly, Grace Fellowship Church


“By the end of this book, you will feel renewed with greater understanding that God is willing to be your strength in weakness.” — Kamaria Samuel, owner of 108 Direct (Antigua)


“His Strength in My Weakness changed how I viewed challenges when I transitioned from married to single with three children. I mirrored Dr. Eurita’s example to move through hate, anger, and loneliness to offer genuine forgiveness.” — June Jackson, executive director of GARD Center in Antigua


“As I laid in the hospital bed and heard the doctor say, ‘You should have been dead,’ I thought about how reading His Strength in My Weakness comforted me. I am not a spiritual person and had a limited understanding of the Bible references, but I read them over and over. Now I believe that He has a reason for keeping me alive.” — Cheryl Kaiser


“A very interesting read! I particularly enjoyed reading His Strength in My Weakness, because it conveys scriptures and prayers that will help the hopeless to take heart. The questions at the end of each chapter are not only thought-provoking but they serve as great tools of inspiration to its readers.” — Andrea Oldacre-Foster

Strength in Forgiveness

I cannot carry the burden of this pain caused anymore. I need peace in knowing that I can forgive my daddy. Father God help me to forgive my uncle. Uncle, I woke up so many times wondering if I was going to be raped by you. I dreaded going to sleep all those months I lived there in the same house with you. I forgive you for the torment you put me through. Because of you I made it my business to always check my boys to make sure that they were never molested.

Self-love is Important

I woke up one day and had no idea who I was. I had disappeared. I had lost myself in a man. The image in the mirror did not represent who my counselor, from years back, had shown me. I’d given up on my own happiness and the things that I wanted in order to please a man. I allowed a man to tell me what I should and shouldn’t do about everything.


Covid-19 and Our Finances

As a single mother of four boys, Dr. Eurita Taylor, wrote Covid-19 and Our Finances to share the various strategies she adopted to make ends meet. Living from paycheck to paycheck helped her to gain valuable insight into becoming a sensible consumer. To save her and her boys from a life of poverty, she needed to retrain her thinking to be able to rethink beyond the present moment.

This book will help others to:

  • Get the most out of the resources you have.
  • Recognize when it is convenient to shop.
  • Discover the most cost-effective shopping locations.
  • Recognize the significance of buying in bulk.
  • Demonstrate to others how to go from requesting assistance to assisting others.
  • Recognize that, in the end, God wants us to have our heart's desires.


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