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Dr. Eurita Taylor is gifted to understand the unique struggles of single mothers. As a survivor of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, she feels their pain and walks beside them on the only path to freedom from binding insecurities. Straight is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and that life is in Christ.

Accountant by day and counselor by night, Dr. Eurita uses her personal experiences, professional skills, and Ph.D. in Christian counseling to empower women struggling with low self-esteem, homelessness, and financial stewardship.



'His Strength in my Weakness' is dedicated to my mom.

In life, it is not how we start but how we finish. Mama, our start was rocky and often times impossible to deal with, but thank God for His grace and mercy, He is not done with both of us.

God is maturing me daily. He is melting me, molding me, filling me and using me. I thank God for you, mama. My life is not about regrets and so I am able to appreciate every heartache and every sad moment. Without it all, I would not have been able to feel you and know your heart and the struggles you have endured. Know that this book started in dark times, but I am now in the light and I can see clearly. Be proud mama. You did well.

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