Vision Statement

The Ripe Awakening is a platform designed to move the world with private encounters and expert abilities and enhance the existences of others to understand the will of God and the purpose of God to reach their maximum potential.

Do you encounter situations that limits your ability to be the best version of yourself?

Have you  ever been faced with situations where you felt like you had to try harder than your counterpart to fit in?

What about gender dominance in some jobs and the effect it has on your life?

Imagine your life with total equality. Imagine a life with no thoughts to gender, age, color, or perhaps the sound of your voice.

Life does not prepare us for most of its pitfalls, so when you’re forced to face one of those pitfalls you then have two choices - allow it to create your own paradigm to push forward, or allow your reality to be reshaped by others.

The Ripe Awakening project is a mirror turned on you to empower you. Do you see yourself and your loved ones here? Do the descriptions of how the pain looks, feels, and sounds seem far too familiar? Now you can do something about it. You do not have to compromise your individuality just to be “considerate” of others.

You can set healthy boundaries and make your friends, family, and parents respect those boundaries.

The help we all need is here: a clear explanation of our troubles and a guide to finding relief through faith, therapy, diet, and exercise as well as building a supportive network and eliminating toxic people.

The Ripe Awakening helps break the cycle, allowing us to break free from the lies and manipulations that have been keeping us captive. We help others identify emotional pain _ which uniquely and profoundly affects our families _ as the root of lashing out through desperate acts of emotional, domestic, drug, alcohol abuse, eating disorders, workaholism, and addiction to shopping, gambling, and sex.

If you want to take back control of your life, regain your sanity and self-worth, and realize your true potential as a gift with purpose, then The Ripe Awakening can help you.

Self-Awareness and Self Actualization:

Build Self-Esteem

Financial Awareness and Management

Professional Etiquette in Global World

Image Building

Overcoming Adversities

Single Parenting:

Disciplining children


Furthering education

Spiritual Growth:

Power of Prayer


Finding Purpose

About the Speakers

Dr. Eurita Taylor


Accountant | Author | Podcast Host | Motivational Speaker

Dr. Eurita Taylor was born on the island of Antigua. She attributes much of her tenacity, perseverance and focus to her Caribbean upbringing and the strong arms of her mother and father.

She faced great hardship being an immigrant in America. She was often ridiculed for her accent. Racism and discrimination ravaged the country. Despite her lack of resources, she continued to press through. It took years but today, Eurita Taylor has earned her bachelors and master’s degree in accounting and her doctorate degree in Christian counseling. She is an accomplished accountant for the United States government, and a published author of “His Strength in My Weakness: A Journey of Brokenness, Breakthrough, and Transformation.” Her story as chronicled in her book, helped to win a mini documentary award when presented by Tabernacle Talks to The Best Shorts Competition.

Dr. Taylor helps people increase their ability to thrive and make better choices in their expenditures. She has taught financial classes at The Soup Kitchen, South Bend IN, The United Way, Mishawaka IN, and The United Way, Cincinnati Ohio.  She is known for her ability to save no matter how small the amounts and for her expertise in couponing. Dr. Taylor has given many advice on shopping ideas to make every dollar count.

Her role as Site Coordinator volunteer for the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program increased the number of taxes done enormously, that she was asked to return in a paid capacity. Dr. Taylor wrote letters to local businesses to donate food for the volunteers. She also, spoke to the universities requesting help from the students to prepare taxes and in return they received credit upon completion of program.

She hosts her own weekly podcast show appropriately titled, “Unleashing Unlimited Power with Dr. Eurita Taylor,” where God uses her to help others find healing. Based on her life’s experiences, she believes that digging deep inside to find the truth and then release it into the atmosphere helps to overcome anger and unforgiveness.

Dr. Taylor is the leading force behind The Ripe Awakening Virtual Conference specifically targeting the thirteen independent islands and eighteen dependent territories collectively constituting the “West Indies” and Belize. The Ripe Awakening Virtual Conference is designed to motivate, inspire, and help others tap into the strength God gave them to reach their highest potential.

Accountant by day and counselor by night, Dr. Eurita uses her personal experiences, professional skills, and Ph.D. in Christian Counseling to empower individuals struggling with low self-esteem, homelessness, and financial stewardship.

His Strength in My Weakness

Dr. Eurita Taylor’s profoundly exhilarating work in “His Strength in My Weakness” is sharing her own experiences of overcoming anxiety, pain, and lovelessness.

It challenges the myths around anxiety and is an easy-to-read accessible guide to helping readers through issues surrounding anxiety. Wonderfully written with biblical lessons and in collaboration, it has received wonderful press. It contains valuable resources for parents coping with all that a new baby can bring, focusing on mental health, depression, and offering practical advice.

Written in her clear, comforting, accessible and honest tone, this promises to do so much good in an area of mental health and relationship building that is often overlooked or brushed under the carpet. “His Strength in My Weakness” promises to go straight into the bestseller listings regarding work on personal and spiritual development.

About the Speakers

Bridget Samuel Charles


Author | Minister | Educator

Bridget Samuel Charles was born on the beautiful island of Antigua. She attended Swetes Primary School and All Saints Secondary School, after which she attended Antigua State College, majoring in Education, and taught briefly at her (high school) alma mater. She migrated to the United States, and completed her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Caldwell College. Mrs. Charles continued her teaching career in the urban areas of New Jersey, where she taught from 1st through 8th grades, specializing in English Language Arts and Social Studies. She was awarded the Governor’s Teacher Recognition Award in 2009, among many other honors for her excellence in teaching.

Mrs. Charles was also an Academic Interventionist, and an award-winning Debate Coach for many years with Jersey Urban Debate League, later renamed The Newark Debate Academy. An ardent lover of education, Mrs. Charles returned to Caldwell College and completed two Masters degrees – in Curriculum and Instruction and Educational Administration. She was an Adjunct Professor briefly at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), where she taught Humanities. She is a beloved author, having written a children’s book titled Grandma’s Kisses, and several plays including The Urgency of Now, and Complications. Her latest writing project, her first full-length novel titled No Regrets has catapulted Mrs. Charles to the level of best-selling author on in the category of Caribbean and Latin American Literature.

As a member of the United Methodist Church for the past 35 years, Mrs. Charles has served in many capacities including Sunday School Superintendent, Chairperson for Higher Education, Worship Committee member, Director of Camp Shining Star Day Camp for 10 years, and a member of the Administrative Council. She is currently a Certified Lay Minister with the United Methodist Church. Mrs. Charles is married to Vaughn Charles and currently resides in New Jersey.

No Regrets

No Regrets chronicles the life of Elline Merle Derence George from the time she was a little girl. Set in the Caribbean on the island of Antigua, it tells of the hardships she faced, and how she dealt with them. Elline’s response to adversity reveals what she considers to be the most important things in life.

As her story unfolds, the reader is drawn into the Antiguan culture, starting in the early twentieth century. Will Elline grow up to be the strong, fearless woman she aspires to be? Will she be a beacon of hope to her mother, siblings, and community members?

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